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General FAQs

What is Audience Rewards?
Audience Rewards is a customer rewards program that operates like a frequent-stayer program for the arts. It is the first national program of its kind dedicated to theatre and the arts and has been named the Official Rewards Program of Broadway. Because the arts and theatre involve many separate players and organizations (theatre owners, producers, ticketing systems), this unique coalition has been created to recognize and reward repeat patrons of the arts as they frequent different venues, organizations, and institutions across the country. top

Who is behind Audience Rewards?
Audience Rewards was funded by a group of the largest theatre owners and presenters including Nederlander, The Shubert Organization, Jujamcyn Theatricals, Telecharge, Broadway Across America, and 12 major performing arts centers and presenters from around the United States. top

Why do I need to have an Audience Rewards number/account when I buy tickets on the SPG on Broadway page and to earn points in the SPG program for my ticket purchases?
Having an Audience Rewards number and account is required for two reasons:

1. Broadway shows can sometimes end with short notice. Your Audience Rewards account lets us know how to contact you in the event of a change in performance dates to either re-book you for another show or refund your money.

2. The ticketing systems used on Broadway, Off-Broadway, and Tours are only capable of accepting Audience Rewards membership numbers. By registering your SPG account number with Audience Rewards and then using the Audience Rewards number provided, we will be able to automatically award you the points you have earned once you go to the show. top

Why do I need to Register my SPG account number with Audience Rewards?
When you purchase a ticket to a show, you do so through that venue or presenter's approved ticketing system (e.g. Ticketmaster, Telecharge…). Since each of these ticketing systems is a unique technology, Audience Rewards has developed a standardized number that can be universally accepted by all of these systems allowing you to get your SPG points at all of the participating venues and shows. By registering your SPG number with Audience Rewards, we are able to automatically award you your points across the many different ticketing systems that are in use in the performing arts industry.

Please note, that Audience Rewards does not store your SPG account user name and password in its database. Your SPG membership number is retained in the Audience Rewards system to ensure you are always awarded Starpoints for every ticket purchase but the number is masked and encrypted so that Audience Rewards and its customer service agents cannot see your full number. top

Why does Audience Rewards ask me for my Starwood Preferred Guest PIN?
Audience Rewards does not ask you for your Starwood Preferred Guest PIN. Prior to completing a redemption request, you will be re-directed to Starwood Preferred Guest in order to validate that the required number of starpoints are available in your account to complete a redemption. Your PIN is never communicated to, or stored by Audience Rewards. top

What if I can't remember my Audience Rewards number?
Keeping track of your loyalty program numbers is always challenging. To make life easier, you will find a link on the major ticketing systems and on the SPG on Broadway page that allows you to easily look-up your Audience Rewards number at the time of ticket purchase. top

Can I return theatre seats after I make my purchase?
Unfortunately not. All theatre ticket purchases are always final. top

How come I can't see the exact seats I will be getting when I buy certain tickets on the SPG on Broadway site?
Certain tickets and special offers are booked using different systems or for select inventory allotments and your seats will be assigned after purchase. Unless otherwise stated, in these circumstances you will be assigned the best available seats in the orchestra or front mezzanine seating sections. Since most Broadway and Off-Broadway theatres are small (under 1,200 seats) and not giant concert venues, all seats are generally considered very good. Your exact seat locations will be emailed to you shortly after you complete your purchase. If purchased during the regular work week, your seats will be assigned within 24 hours of purchase. Any tickets purchased during a holiday period or weekend will begin being assigned on the next regular business. top

What happens if the show I purchased ends before I see it?
Most shows on Broadway have an open ended run, meaning that they run for an unspecified period of time or a fixed end date when the last performance is known in advance. In the unfortunate event that a show decides to end its run and you have purchased a ticket to that show, you will be contacted by a member of the Audience Rewards concierge staff who will try to book you into a comparable show or refund your money. In the event a show you have purchased is cancelled, you will not receive your points for that show in the SPG program for the cancelled show. top

What is the difference between a Broadway Show, an Off-Broadway Show, and a Touring Show?
A Broadway Show refers to theatrical performances presented in one of the 40 large professional theaters with 500 seats or more located in the Theatre District, in Manhattan, New York City.

An "Off Broadway" show refers to professional plays, musicals or revues performed in New York City, in a venue with a seating capacity between 99 and 500 that uses Actors' Equity Performers.

A "Touring Shows" refers to a National Broadway Tour that is performed outside of New York City using Actors' Equity Performers or regional theatres and performances that may or may not use equity performers. top

Why does it seem that not all scheduled performances are listed on the performance calendar?
You may not be seeing a performance option available on the performance calendar because a select number of tickets are available for sale through this partnership or the show has made a schedule change. You may still be able to purchase tickets through the authorized ticketing system and a link is provided to those sites on the SPG on Broadway page. Remember to input your Audience Rewards member number where prompted. That way you'll earn your points in the SPG program. top

How do I get in touch with someone if I have questions about my tickets?
Audience Rewards Customer Service agents are happy to assist you with your questions.

Contact Audience Rewards Monday - Friday from 8am-8pm EST at 866.313.9635

Or, email your questions or concerns to and you will receive a response within 1 business day. top

Starpoints for Ticket Purchases

How many Starpoints do I earn in the SPG program when I purchase tickets?
SPG members can earn up to 2,500 Starpoints per ticket through special seasonal and limited time promotions. At a minimum, SPG members who register for Audience Rewards will earn the following point incentives:

• 100 Starpoints for each ticket purchased to a participating Broadway show
• 50 Starpoints for each ticket purchased to a participating Off-Broadway Show
• 50 Starpoints for each ticket purchased to a participating Touring show

Please remember, in order to earn your Starpoints you must register your SPG account number with Audience Rewards on the SPG on Broadway website and then enter the Audience Rewards number at the time of purchase. top

What shows are participating in Audience Rewards and issuing points in the SPG program?
The majority of popular Broadway shows are currently participating in Audience Rewards. In addition, new venues, off-Broadway, and touring shows are continuously joining the program. Since live art and theatre changes every week, as shows and performances end and new ones are announced, Audience Rewards is a truly dynamic rewards program. For a complete list of participating shows check the SPG on Broadway page regularly by visiting top

Is there a limit to how many show tickets I can earn points in the SPG program on?
Yes. Audience Rewards is designed for individuals and not organizations. Participants can earn points for up to 16 tickets per participating show while it is performing at a given venue in a calendar year. If you really love a show, you can see it in different cities and earn points for up to 16 tickets in each city or venue where it is playing. top

Are there other promotional bonuses available for me to earn more Starpoints in the SPG program?
Yes. Audience Rewards is always working with its participating shows to create special offers and bonuses. Special bonuses are frequently available for purchases that involve buying premium seats, certain days of the week, and previews. For a complete and up to date listing of bonus offers, please visit on a regular basis. top

What other types of live entertainment can I earn Starpoints for in addition to theatre?
Audience Rewards is working with a number of concert promoters, ballets, orchestras, symphonies, and operas to expand the live art you will be able to earn points for attending. We are even in discussions with major museums. top

How do I register my SPG number and earn Starpoints for purchasing tickets?
Registering your SPG account number is easy and takes seconds. On the SPG on Broadway website there are prompts and links that let you add your SPG account number to an existing Audience Rewards account you may have or set up a new Audience Rewards account and add your number. Once you register, you are done and you can use your Audience Rewards number at any participating show or venue to earn your SPG points top

Where do I enter my SPG number to earn Starpoints when I purchase tickets to theatre or a participating performance?
You don't actually enter you number into a ticketing system. You need to register your number with Audience Rewards and then use your Audience Rewards number when purchasing theatre and performing arts tickets to ensure you receive your Starpoints and bonuses for tickets. top

Where do I enter my Audience Rewards number when Buying a Ticket?
Once you have registered your SPG number with your Audience Rewards account, you are ready to earn Starpoint incentives to participating shows. Go to the SPG on Broadway website and follow the buy links to purchase the tickets you want. You will be prompted to enter your Audience Rewards number during the transaction process. If you can't remember your number, there are links on the webpage and next to where you enter your number to look it up. If you are not prompted to enter your number during the transaction process (either before or after you enter your credit card) it means the show is not participating in Audience Rewards. top

Do I have to buy my Tickets through the SPG on Broadway Page?
We strongly recommend that you do since that is where the best point earning offers can be found. However, if you go directly to the authorized ticketing system for a participating show and enter your Audience Rewards number when buying tickets, and have registered your SPG account number, you will earn your Starpoint incentives for these purchases. Remember, the show must be participating in Audience Rewards and you must register your SPG number with Audience Rewards. top

Will I see the points for an eligible ticket purchase in my SPG account before the performance takes place?
Unfortunately not. You will only be able to see this purchase in your SPG account after you have seen the show and only if you have elected to earn Starpoints as part of your Audience Rewards account prior to the performance date.

You can, however, view your Audience Rewards member account page to see your pending show tickets. top

Can I retroactively earn points for tickets purchased if I did not enter an Audience Rewards number into the ticketing system at the time of purchase?
Since the Audience Rewards program is tied to many independent producers and producing offices, they require that members enter Audience Rewards number at the time of purchase. Point incentives are not available retroactively. top

Redeeming Points for Tickets

Who is eligible to redeem points from the SPG program for Broadway tickets?
All SPG members, with an active account are eligible to redeem their points for Broadway tickets. top

Can I find my SPG point balance on the SPG on Broadway Page?
To check your balance, visit For your security, the SPG on Broadway website does not show your SPG number or point balance. During the transaction process you will be redirected to SPG to enter your account number and pin directly in SPG’s systems to verify you have the necessary points. Your username and password are not shared or stored with Audience Rewards. top

Do I need to provide Audience Rewards with my SPG account username and PIN?
You will never be prompted by Audience Rewards for your SPG username or PIN. This is to protect your privacy and your account. During the transaction process you will be redirected to an SPG site and at that time required to enter your username and pin to validate that you have enough points in your account to complete your redemption. This information is not collected or stored by Audience Rewards. top

Can I make redemptions for family and friends?
Yes, you can make redemption for family and friends. On the Order Information page you can check the box next to 'The tickets are for someone other than myself.' and complete the recipients information. top

Can I use other discounts or coupons with this offer?
No. Earning points for theatre ticket purchases or redeeming points for tickets is not valid in conjunction with any other offer, discounts, or promotions. top top

Can I return tickets that I have used my SPG points to purchase ?
No. As with any theatre ticket purchase, all sales are final. top

What happens if I have redeemed my points and the show is cancelled?
In the even that you have redeemed your points for tickets and the show you purchased is unexpectedly cancelled, the Audience Rewards concierge will notify you of the change. Audience Rewards will then notify SPG of the cancellation and request that your points be re-deposited into your SPG membership account. Please allow up 2 weeks from the time of notification for your points to be reissued in your SPG account. top

How are tickets delivered?
Tickets will be at will-call under the SPG member’s name unless otherwise an alternate recipient is provided when prompted during the transaction process. top