BroadwayCon Autograph & Photograph Schedule

Please note that all sessions are subject to change.


10:30am - Ann Harada and Rick Lyon Photograph Session

10:30am - Fredi Walker-Browne Photograph Session

11:45am - Fredi Walker-Browne Autograph Session

11:45am - Rick Lyon Autograph Session

12:30pm - Ann Harada Autograph Session

12:30pm - Christina Bianco Photograph Session

1:00pm - Jenn Colella Photograph Session

1:45pm - Christina Bianco Autograph Session

1:45pm - Telly Leung Photograph Session

3:00pm - Anthony Rapp Photograph Session

3:00pm - Caitlin Kinnunen Photograph Sessionv

3:00pm - Telly Leung Autograph Session

4:15pm - Anthony Rapp Autograph Session

4:15pm - Caitlin Kinnunen Autograph Session


10:00am - Caesar Samayoa Photograph Session

10:00am - Brandon Uranowitz Photograph Session

10:15am - Daphne Rubin-Vega Photograph Session

10:30am - Caesar Samayoa Autograph Session

11:15am - Alex Brightman Photograph Session

11:15am - Brandon Uranowitz Autograph Session

11:15am - Daphne Rubin-Vega Autograph Session

12:30pm - Alex Brightman Autograph Session

12:30pm - Gillian Pensavalle and Patrick Hinds Photograph Session

12:30pm - Lesli Margherita Photograph Session

1:45pm - Lesli Margherita Autograph Session

2:00pm - Andrew Rannells Autograph Session

3:00pm - Anthony Rapp Photograph Session

3:00pm - Jennifer Ashley Tepper Photograph Session

4:15pm - Anthony Rapp Autograph Session

4:15pm - Jennifer Ashley Tepper Autograph Session


10:00am - Ben Fankhauser Photograph Session

10:00am - Sharon Wheatley Photograph Session

10:30am - Sharon Wheatley Autograph Session

11:15am - Ben Fankhauser Autograph Session

11:15am - James Snyder Photograph Session

11:15am - Ryann Redmond Photograph Session

12:30pm - Ali Ewoldt Photograph Session

12:30pm - James Snyder Autograph Session

12:30pm - Ryann Redmond Autograph Session

1:45pm - Ali Ewoldt Autograph Session

2:00pm - Matilda Alumni (Eliza Holland Madora, Rileigh McDonald, Mia Sinclair Jenness, Sophia Gennusa, Ripley Sobo) Photograph Session

Note: All special guest appearances are subject to professional work commitments. Autograph and photograph sessions are subject to guest availability. As such, we can not guarantee that all guests listed will be sitting for autograph and photograph sessions during the event. Be sure to check the final schedule for a full list of autograph and photograph sessions.